Massage and ME TIME

Self-care and Me: A helpful little guide with a few of my favourite things to help you cling on to some chill time this September…

I am trying I promise!

I am trying I promise!

Even though I left school over 15 years ago and don’t have children at school yet, September still feels like a new start to the year. This can be great, but it can also be exhausting as life gets busier, plans seem to ramp up, and we can all end up feeling a little frazzled. Sound familiar??

I feel I am (finally!) getting better at snatching some time for myself here and there and really making the most of it; spending those few minutes doing things for myself and enjoying some relaxing time rather than frantically trying to respond to those 5 million whatsapp messages/do all of the things in the world.

So I thought I’d share them with you all in the small hope that they may help you too…

Massage and ME TIME: A few tips on how to use some snatched relaxation time wisely…

So voila - just a few little thoughts. I’m sure this is nothing revolutionary but again a recommendation can always be great for saving you time and reminding you that you deserve some time to chill out every day. Hopefully these bitesize chunks will make it more manageable!

Have a great September everyone and hope to see you in the beautiful M&M Treatment Room soon!

M&M x