Massage and Reflexology for
People with Extra Needs

Every week I see a number of regular clients with extra needs, all of whom hugely benefit from massage and reflexology treatments. Their extra needs vary from: living with the effects of a stroke, being paralysed and confined to a wheelchair, living with dementia, having educational needs, being elderly and housebound through mobility issues. These are just a few examples from many.

I’ve been astounded to see the positive effects massage and reflexology can bring: the comfort, the relaxation, the warmth, the joy. It’s been very humbling to see the influence not only physically but also mentally.

I take extra time for these mobile appointments, making it as easy as possible for my clients to enjoy a treatment in their own comforting surroundings. Below is a little more information about this side of my work with Massage and Me.

Living with Dementia

Jojo and Mumma.JPG

I work with a number of clients every week who are living with dementia. I visit many of them at a local care home and my treatments are an extra form of comfort and support alongside the excellent care they receive.

My Grandma (pictured above) was without my Grandad for 15 long years before she left us. She missed so many things about him, but one was simply holding his hand. The soothing touch of a hand massage can work wonders in evoking feelings of reassurance, trust, protection and relaxation. This simple act of touch is just one example of why complementary therapy is such a powerful way of helping people. 

However, massage is not only a comfort for people with dementia but it can also release endorphins which leave clients feeling energised and happy. It can also decrease levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) and increase a relaxation response to the brain.

Massaging people with dementia is one of the most important aspects of my work at Massage and Me. Please contact me if you are supporting a loved one with dementia and would like to find out more.

Sensory Needs

Massage and reflexology therapy can be very powerful for people of all ages who have extra sensory needs, are on the autistic spectrum or have learning disabilities.

The touch of massage or reflexology therapy, the smell of the oils, the warmth of the massage strokes can all be extremely relaxing for many people living with conditions which usually make it challenging for them to ‘switch off’.

I have worked with clients who have: Cohen Syndrome, Down’s Syndrome and are on the Autistic Spectrum.

Please let me know if you are interested in finding out more by contacting me through the link below.

Mobility Difficulties


Clients who have trouble with their mobility and are confined to a bed or a bedroom can still enjoy a treatment with Massage and Me. I visit them in their own rooms and they enjoy a massage or reflexology treatment where they feel most comfortable.

Some clients can find comfort on the massage table, but some prefer to enjoy a massage/reflexology treatment in a chair for example.

I used to visit Mary above in her care home, massaging her knees as she suffered with arthritis. I bring my own oils, relaxing music, and we would always have a lovely catch-up during the massage.

Mobility difficulties can manifest in a number of illnesses and conditions. Here are just a few that I have covered in the past: Paralysis through a car accident, Heart conditions, Strokes, Cancer, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Arthritis, Scoliosis, Dementia, including Louis Body Dementia.

Price List

The prices below are based on timings. The pressure and type of massage used can be discussed and tailored to your needs from the first appointment.

30 minutes: £30
45 minutes: £40
60 minutes: £45
75 minutes: £50
90 minutes: £55

Mobile charges: Jo visits local clients within 2 miles of Buckhurst Hill free of charge, however for appointments further afield minimal extra charges will apply. Please contact Jo to find out more or sign up via the form below.

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