Massages in the Workplace

Stressful day at work?

Stressful day at work?

Massages in the workplace: increase productivity and happiness

London life is stressful! Massage and Me is here to remind you of your own needs.
For as little as £20 for a 20-minute massage, you can leave your to-do list at your desk and just focus on YOU.
Based in a private room at your offices, you can book a visit with Jo and you only need to leave your desk for 20 - 30 minutes. 


Here are some benefits to setting up a regular slot with Jo to come to your offices:

  • No fees or rental charges

  • Option of paying a flat daily fee of £185, or Jo to charge employees based on the cost structure below

  • Special offers apply for main booking contact (contact Jo for more information)

  • Workplace massages help to improve wellbeing at work

  • Massages in the workplace are proven to encourage a more productive, and healthy, team of staff

  • Flexible booking: employees either book massages directly with Jo or through a main contact, as you prefer

Overview of costs

If employers pay the daily flat fee:
Flat daily fee of £185 (hours from 10am - 4pm) 

If staff pay for their slots then the following costs apply:

Swedish Body Massage:

  • 20 mins Neck, Back, Shoulders, Head/Face £20

  • 30 mins Neck Back, Shoulders, Head/Face £30

  • 45 mins Neck, Back, Shoulders, Head/Face £40

  • 60 mins Full Body £45

Deep Tissue Massage:

  • 20 mins £20

  • 30 mins £30

  • 45 mins £40

  • 60 mins £45

  • 75 mins £50

  • 90 mins £55

For more information on Jo, please visit the ABOUT JO page 


Thursdays and Fridays
10am - 4pm


Please just get in touch with Jo and let her know if you are interested in approaching your employer so that Jo can visit your place of work on a regular basis. There is no fee for this with your employer, Jo just requires a private space (e.g. a meeting room) to set up. 

Say goodbye to this...

Monday morning: you beauty

Monday morning: you beauty

And hello to this...

At last! Monday morning is here!

At last! Monday morning is here!