Mama Massage Parties

Mummy Massage.jpeg

Mama massages: a moment of much-needed calm

Mamas, you deserve a rest! When was the last time you focused even 20 minutes on yourself?
Mama massages allow you to do just that, along with your friends, in the comfort of one of your homes.  No babysitters needed, and you know you're only a matter of metres away from your little ones to reassure you. I'm a mama too so I know the struggle only too well and am here to make things super easy for you. I promise!

**Of course, this is not just limited to mums! Dads, grandparents, carers, childminders etc of course all welcome too! Mama massages is just great alliteration.**

How it works:

  • One of you is the 'host' (and receives a discount for doing such a wonderful deed)

  • The host gets a group of friends (3-5 is ideal) together on a preferred date

  • The host provides a room in their house where Jo can set up

  • Whilst one of you is having a massage, your little one is looked after by the rest of the group

  • You all pay for your own massages

Overview of costs:

Host gets 10% off whichever massage they chose from the list below.

For the remaining mums, the following costs apply:

Swedish Body Massage:

  • 20 mins Neck, Back & Shoulders £25

  • 30 mins Neck, Back and Shoulders £30

  • 45 mins Neck, Back, Shoulders, Head/Face £40

  • 60 mins Full Body £45

Deep Tissue Massage:

  • 20 mins £25

  • 30 mins £30

  • 45 mins £40

  • 60 mins £45


Mondays                   12pm - 4pm
Tuesdays                   9.45am - 3pm
Thursdays                 1.15pm - 4pm
Fridays                        9.30am - 4pm

For more information on costs, please visit the Massage Treatments and Prices page