Deep Tissue Massages: The perfect end to your January work-out

What is a deep tissue massage and how can they help my body repair?

If you're hitting the gym hard this January, don't forget to be kind to your muscles! It's very important to rest in between workouts to give your muscles the chance to heal and repair.

Just one...more...mile

Just one...more...mile

It is also very important to stretch down properly after a workout, to again give your muscles the time they need to rid any lactic acid build-up. If this lactic acid is left untreated, adhesions can form in our muscles and this is what leads to those tension knots that can cause so much discomfort and stress to our bodies. 

Here is a bite-size breakdown of why deep tissue massages are so amazing, and can leave us feeling sooooo good: 

What is a deep tissue massage? 

Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish, however a deeper pressure is applied by the Massage Therapist, which helps to relieve muscles of chronic tension. The focus of this pressure is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints). 

Why might we need a deeper pressure?

There are a number of things that might cause adhesions and chronic tension; from stress, insomnia, posture and lack of stretching down after exercise to name but a few. Adhesions not only disrupt circulation but can also cause pain, inflammation and limited movement.  It is important to get rid of these adhesions before working out again, if you really want to have a high-impact workout.

Massage Therapists can feel these adhesions under the skin and adjust their pressure accordingly in order to break them up. I always work with my clients to build up the pressure required, whilst also ensuring they are comfortable with the pressure exerted. 

Deep Tissue Massage:  Massage Therapists use their own body weight to apply a firmer pressure, through a number of techniques

Deep Tissue Massage: Massage Therapists use their own body weight to apply a firmer pressure, through a number of techniques

What are the benefits of a deep tissue massage?

  • Rids muscles of adhesions: Deep tissue massages help rid muscles of adhesions 'knots' and tensions. The pressure used oxygenates poorly-circulated areas and allows the spine and joints to relax into alignment.
    • I work with my clients to ensure we focus on their 'problem areas' during the massage, and invite feedback during the treatment, to ensure the massage is effectively relieving their muscle tension. 
  • Chronic pain: For people who suffer from chronic muscle pain (particularly in the neck, back and shoulders) , a deeper pressure is often required to effectively release tension from their tight areas. Deep tissue massage can offer a welcome break from the constant feeling of tightness they experience.
  • Stress relief: Deep tissue massages can offer enhanced relaxation for the body and mind, which is a welcome break for people who have a high level of stress in their lives. A deep tissue massage session with Massage and Me gives clients the perfect time and space to focus on themselves and be kind to their bodies. In turn, this can encourage a release of serotonin, the 'feel good' hormone that those of us living in London could all do with a little more of.
  • Scar tissue and rehabilitation after injury: Deep tissue massage can also be an effective part of rehabilitation for people with sports injuries, or a build up of scar tissue. Whereas Swedish massage may only reach some levels of the muscle, deep tissue massage reaches further and deeper, allowing a holistic approach to muscle repair. 
  • Sciatica: Deep tissue massages can also help to free trapped nerves, such as sciatica. Anyone who has suffered with sciatica will know how unpleasant this is, and what a welcome relief deep tissue massage can bring.

Whether you have chronic back pain, have been overdoing it at the gym, have a recent sports injury, or you are feeling super stressed, a deep tissue massage could be highly effective for you.

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Happy gymming, team! 

M&M x

Blog written by Jo Murch, 8 January 2017


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