How the Olympics can help you sleep

Pretend you're a walking version of Usain Bolt, and you could sleep twice as well...honest.

If you're anything like me, every four years you suddenly have goals of becoming an Olympian. You grab those running trainers that haven't seen much action for a while, you skip up those steps rather than taking the lift, you have very temporary dreams of becoming a gold medallist...and then life gets in the way and those dreams fade away for another four years. Welcome to the gang.

This Olympic games, instead of giving myself slightly unrealistic goals of being a Gold Medallist in the next Games in 2020, I've decided to use that whimsical energy and enthusiasm to help me...sleep. 

Sometimes I get into such a rut with sleeping that I become over-tired. I become so tired that I can't then switch off; I get into bed worrying that I'm not asleep, and then the vicious cycle begins. I'm a real sucker for social media before bed and I know it's just so silly. So, I'm making a conscious effort to do two things: switch off my phone and go for a walk, in an attempt to get both my mind and my body ready for sleep before switching out the lights. 

We're not talking a 100-metre sprint here or a quick 5k swim before bed. Come on now. I'm just talking a quick (but relaxing) walk around the block. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but for me the mixture of fresh air and walking off my dinner seems to do the trick for me. I get into bed sleepy, and also pretty smug that I probably have an Olympic-standard skill in some kind of undiscovered sport, which will one day surface so that I can have my moment. Until then, walks around the block before bed will have to do. 

I hope it works for you too, if only for the next few days until the Olympics are all over. SOB.

Go and catch those ZZZs, team! Sleep tight, M&M x

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