Bye bye elephant skin...

So many creams and oils, which one to use?

We love you elephants, but we don't want your skin (thanks)

We love you elephants, but we don't want your skin (thanks)

There's no hard rule on which oil to use for massage. There are a huge number out there and each have different benefits. I've tried quiiiiiite a few, and it's really a case of use whichever is best for you and your skin. My personal favourites are: Sweet almond oil and Jojoba oil. Here's why:

Sweet Almond Oil:

Almond oil has been used for many years in Southeast Asia and Mediterranean countries and is widely thought to help us have healthier hearts and skin. Here's why we're catching on in the UK...

  • Vitamin E: Whilst sweet almond oil is good for our heart and hair, it is also wonderful for our skin thanks to its rich Vitamin E content. This helps our skin to stay soft and supple. Always welcome. 
  • Sensitive skin: It's a great oil for sensitive skin, as it is less likely to cause an allergic reaction than some other oils can. 
  • Hydration: Thanks to its high hydration content, sweet almond oil can also help with dry skin conditions, by rehydrating the skin.
  • Perfect for massage: Combined with massage, sweet almond oil is ideal for rejuvenating tired muscles, and to help ease out muscle tension.
Sweet sweet almonds, we love thee

Sweet sweet almonds, we love thee

Lavender oil: I usually mix sweet almond oil with a few drops of lavender oil, or ginger and ginseng, to help my clients relax or feel that extra zing, depending on their wish. For most of us, the small of lavender instantly evokes feelings of warmth, safety and cosiness, as well as loved ones.

For me, lavender oil smells of my mum. The ultimate comfort blanket.

For me, lavender oil smells of my mum. The ultimate comfort blanket.

Jojoba Oil:

I usually use jojoba oil for my pre-natal clients, mostly because it's kind to skin changes that may occur during pregnancy. Here are some other wonderful things about it:

  • Jojoba oil resembles our body's natural sebum, and is therefore less oily. It therefore acts like a natural conditioner. 
  • It can control oily skin and therefore really helps anyone suffering from skin problems such as acne by deep cleansing our skin pores right the way to the hair follicle, and also controlling anti-bacterial growth in the skin.
  • Moisturising: Jojoba oil also helps to moisturise the skin. When trying it yourselves at home, try applying it straight after having a bath or shower, or add to a bowl of warm water to enhance that moisture soak. 
  • Pregnancy: It is particularly good for pregnant ladies as it can help support your skin through the changes of pregnancy, some of which are wonderful and some unwelcome such as stretch marks. 
Jojoba oil: Every expecting mother's best friend?

Jojoba oil: Every expecting mother's best friend?

I hope this helps. If your Massage Therapist doesn't tell you which oil they are using, I would always recommend asking, or even suggesting your preferred one. 

I'm always here if you'd like to ask any questions, or need advice, on oils to use! Just get in touch through the Contact Page.  Remember there are some wonderful aromatherapy massages out there too if you're keen to find out how the perfect balance of oils can help improve your health and wellbeing.  

Look forward to treating some of you soon with one (or both!) of the oils above. 

Take care, 
M&M x